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Dear Camp Independence Volunteer:

It's that time again. Over 140 children with diabetes and siblings are counting on us again to provide a week of fun, physical education, and lessons in dealing with diabetes. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran volunteer, they hope that your participation will provide them with a memorable summer. Camp Independence will be held July 20th through July 24th at St. Mary's Hall School.

Please fill out the staff application and contract (link below) to serve on the volunteer staff of Camp Independence of San Antonio 2020. Instructions:

  • Complete the online application in its entirety.

  • Review the job descriptions below. Be sure to note which days you will participate and note if you will be absent for part of the day.

  • Please submit $5.00 with the online contract to offset the cost of snacks and Camp T-shirt by July 14, 2020. New (Dryfit) staff shirts will be available for $20.00 at staff orientation.

Staff training is being planned. Please hold the date Saturday, July 18th, 9 AM to noon to meet your colleagues and to orient to changes in camp and to make Monday morning as smooth as possible.

Deadline for staff signup is July 12, 2020. If you need additional applications for colleagues, friends, etc. please call me at 830-981-8297 or send me an e-mail at Check out our website at

I look forward to helping you have a productive year at Camp Independence 2020.

Our first camp planning session will be held (-TBA-) at the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic, 5107 Medical Drive, at 6:00 PM. All volunteers are invited to attend to help design the T-shirt, to help outline the schedule, to help identify possible sources of donations, and provide additional input to the planning of Camp Independence of San Antonio 2020. The Board of Directors looks forward to your participation.

Mark Danney

8730 Avator Circle
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015



How To Register:

  • If you are new to the CampDoc registration process, click on the following CampDoc link and create a new login. To create a new application, click on the "New Participant" button located on the left side of the account page.
  • If you had previously registered for last year's camp, click on the following CampDoc link and login using your same email address from last year. After logging in, on the left side of the account page, click on the last year's participant's name, click the "Registration" button, and click on the "Register for a New Session" button. CampDoc will update most of your information from last year to the new application.
  • You can access multiple camp applications with just one email address at login.
  • Each camper, sibling, CIT, and adult volunteer must be registered with separate applications.
  • Selecting "Adult" on registration indicates 18th birthday before July 20, 2020.
  • The selected "Grade" indicates effective Fall of 2020.



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